Don’t Believe These Common Bail Bonds Myths

When the night goes awry and you end up in jail, a bondsman can get you out quickly. But, there are a lot of myths concerning bail bonds out there and if you believe the information to be true, it may stand in the way of getting out of jail. Don’t let anything stand between your freedom after an arrest. Take a look below and learn the truth behind some of the most common Wayne County bail bonds myths.

Myth: My Charges Prevent a Bail Bond

If the judge places a bond amount on your charge, a bonding company will usually bond you out. The exception comes if you have one or more Failure to Appear (FTA) charges on your criminal record, since there is an increased risk of losing their money by placing your bond.

Myth: Bail Bondsman Charge Too Much Money

Wayne County bail bonds

If you think that 10 – 15% of the bond amount if too much money, then you’d be correct. But, considering that a $30,000 bond is instantly lowered to $3,000 – $4,500, which makes it much easier to pay the bond and get out of jail, there shouldn’t be any worry.

Myth: Bail Bonds are Refunded After Court

In no situation is a bail bond refunded after a court hearing, regardless of the outcome of the case. This is one of the biggest myths surrounding bail bonds today. This fee is paid to the court, with the exception of the small bondsman fee, and is not refunded.

Myth: Bondsman Can Negotiate Bond Amounts

Oh, how nice it would be if bondsman had such power, but they do not. Don’t bother asking them to commit such an act in the first place. It’s illegal and just will not happen under any circumstances.