Caught With Marijuana in North Carolina? Here is What You Should Know

Marijuana is now decriminalized in Raleigh and around the state, as it is deemed a less serious drug than heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and other commonly abused drugs. It is nonetheless illegal in the state and can send you to jail in many situations. It’s a good idea to find a drug defense lawyer raleigh nc if you’ve been arrested for a marijuana charges.

It is scary to get caught with marijuana. It is a controlled substance that is still illegal. But, as long as you are carrying only small amounts, you probably won’t need to worry about going to jail. Instead, you’ll pay a fine and be on your way.

If you are caught with a large quantity of marijuana or are caught producing the plant, there could be harder consequences. It is always beneficial to speak to an attorney if you are facing a marijuana charge, especially when there is a large quantity involved.

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The ultimate outcome of the case depends on the amount of marijuana you are caught with, the way that it is packaged, and the officer. The more marijuana that you have on your person, the harsher the potential consequences if found guilty of the crime. Luckily, it is considered a Schedule IV narcotic in the state, so the punishments are still considerably less severe than if you were caught with other drugs.

Any amount less than 1 1/2 ounce will result in about 45-days in jail. Anything over this amount could cost you as a year or more in jail or prison. The laws covering marijuana change every day so it seems, which adds to the complexity. That is yet another reason why it is essential to hire an attorney to handle the case.